Server Rules

- Be respectful to other players

- Play together as a team 

- Dont go into objectives alone if you have a full team

- No advertisement for other servers or websites

- Team Killing will result into a ban

- Vote Kick for no reason can get you banned.

- We do not allow toxic behavior 

- Being annoying in voice chat could lead into a ban

- No [NLD] Crew tag into your name if you are not a member

- Insulting other players is not allowed

- Team Kills can occur dont go full out to another person 
- Inappropriate names can get you banned or warned

- Rushing too fast leaving team behind is not allowed

- Advertisement in Username gets you banned

- English only speaking so we can understand all!

-Play as tactical as you can

-No need to destroy doors when thats the only cover the team has

-Do not keep walking in front of other players can be pretty annoying

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